About us

About RabbitTrak

Rabbit is a technology company based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Rabbit provides services to industries all across the board through an integrative platform that supports our asset tracking solutions. We offer several products and solutions to help improve the efficiency of a business. Our signature solution is the use of asset tracking that can be applied to a myriad of industries including healthcare, retail, restaurants, stadiums, and many more. Our beacon technology works to give real-time location updates on tagged assets to provide insightful data that works to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a business.

What We Believe

Our platforms are built on sound principles demonstrated through exemplary performance, brilliant innovation, and a deep commitment to our customers. Right from the start, we focused on simplifying the way assets are located by adhering to the highest standards for an exceptional customer experience through proprietary Rabbit Mesh technology and services. Throughout this experience, we have remained true to our core principal of knowing with absolute certainty where assets are in real time.

How We Do It

Rabbit is an IoT platform that enables the interconnection of physical and virtual worlds via a global digital network, enabling interactions between customers and merchants.
The Rabbit Mesh is a revolutionary approach to asset tracking. This unique technology allows for low or no wi-fi area asset tracking by creating a beacon mesh that enables a BLE transaction to hop from one beacon to another. This is the ultimate answer to expensive asset tracking.

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