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A beacon is a small wireless device that transmits a radio signal. It is constantly emitting a signal that
Bluetooth equipped devices – like smartphones – can detect or exchange information about our

For beacons to work, Bluetooth must be on, and the device must be connected to the internet. This allows a device to be able to detect a beacon’s signal when it is in range. Think of it this way: a beacon is constantly “throwing” a signal out, within its set range. It’s the device’s job to “catch” it, and the app collects the data to make sense of it. Once the device catches the specific beacon signal, certain actions will be triggered in the mobile app, such as sending a welcome notification upon entering a building, loyalty points to returning customers, targeted ads and coupons to passerbys, and much more.

Depending on the type of beacon, its functionalities, and its requirements, beacons can last anywhere from 6-8 months to over 5 years. Despite have such tiny batteries, beacons are able to last this long because Bluetooth does all the work, and Bluetooth is very energy efficient (BLE = Bluetooth low energy).

A beacon’s range is the area in which its signals can be detected. If you are 20 feet away from a beacon, and its range is set to 10 feet, then you will not receive its signals or any of its resulting actions in the app. Beacons can have ranges as low as one meter, to as high as a kilometer. Depending on your specific business needs, we can provide the appropriate beacon solution for you.

Rabbit’s dedicated team assists with set up for your specific location and particular needs. The time it takes to set up depends on your physical space.

The Rabbit app is an iPhone-based application which enriches user experience at participating locations via a global meshed beacon platform. The app and the beacon platform work together to provide the user with a seamless experience as they visit a shop or event.

The app is designed to save you time by automatically checking you in at participating events and merchants, thereby easing navigation to locations, such as meeting rooms, and helping hosts and organizers to provide relevant information right to you via your phone.

The Rabbit app uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with beacons, which are specialized radio transmitters, at the destination location to announce to the hosts that you have arrived. This means no more waiting in lines to check in. With customized information, such as maps delivered right to your phone as you enter the building, you will already be on your way.

To use the app, simply download it, allow the necessary permissions at the time of installation, and you’re all set. Remember to switch on Location Services and Bluetooth for optimal performance. Please use the same email ID to log into the app as was used for the event invite.

Apart from the iPhone app, you can use the Rabbit Check-in Tablet at the participating location entrance. You can scan the Rabbit-integrated QR Code attached in your email invite, or enter your email ID, into the Tablet. You will still be able to check in by simply providing basic information, such as your name and email ID, to personnel at the front desk.

You will receive a notification on your phone informing you that you are checked in. You can also navigate to the Location icon in the app, which will show the list of locations where you were last checked in, with the latest appearing at the top.

Only the event organizers and hosts will be able to see that you have arrived and checked into the event.

Rabbit only shares your location with the participating businesses and event hosts who invited you. No one else can see your location or information.


Rabbit is currently only available for iOS. However, Android users can use the QR code to check-in.

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