Asset Tracking

Our signature solution of asset tracking can be applied to a myriad of industries including healthcare, retail, restaurants, stadiums, and many more through an integrative platform that supports our asset tracking solutions. Our beacon technology works to give real-time location updates on tagged assets to provide insightful data that works to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a business. With our beacons you can track important assets in real time, anywhere, allowing you to always have a hold on where your assets are.

Team Member Efficiency

Whether a team member is out on the floor with a customer, restocking shelves, behind the counter, or in the back room working with inventory, Rabbit can help you locate them. By being constantly aware of every team member’s location, you can better understand which parts of your store need the most attention.

Visitor & Vendor Management

By using a beacon or geofencing, you can tell when a customer walks into the store and if they are a repeat customer. This gives the ability to delegate staff efficiently and ensure all customers have an enjoyable experience. You can track customer flow throughout the store to know when and where help is needed.

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